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Discover Leuven

Leuven is the ideal place if you are looking to discover some old monuments but also very trendy places. At less than half an hour from Brussels, this youthful town is home to one of Europe’s oldest universities. History is present on every street corner. The town hall is Leuven’s pride and joy. Moreover, it’s one of the best-known Gothic town halls worldwide. It took three architects and thirty years to build it. Leuven’s ‘Hall of Fame’ features 236 statues, which were only added to the façade after 1850. In 1708, Sébastien Artois became head brewer at the Den Hoornbrewery,a brewery established in 1366. Artois purchased the brewery in 1717 and renamed it Brouwerij Artois. In 1926, the Brewery launched Stella as a Christmas beer, named after the Christmas star.

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During the tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the historic Leuven.
Transportation and lunch are also included.
Visit Leuven

full day excursion (9h-18h)

minimum 20 persons

150 EUR per person based on 20 registered participants

Please note that the price might increase should the number of participants be less than 20 persons. The tour will not take place  if there are not enough registrants. In both cases, you will receive a communication from the organisers.

*Tour is subject to availability at the time of booking