Brussels, at a glance

Brussels, the Capital of Europe, is definitely the place to be. Conveniently located and interconnected with Europe’s most important metropoles, Brussels gathers a significant network of expertise and resources as Europe’s decision-making capital and is not the kind of place that you easily forget. The mixture of cultures, events, art and history are a few examples of what this city can really be proud of. Brussels has something for everyone, either you are the kind of person who wants to get lost in the slight streets of the busy historic center, doing your casual souvenir shopping or you just want to relax and enjoy a beer with friends at the Parc du Cinquantenaire.

Arriving to Brussels

Brussels is connected to 2 international airports:

Brussels Airport Zaventem (Main Airport)

  • 23 million passengers
  • Direct flights from over 200 destinations
  • 500 million European inhabitants toreach us in less than 3 hours.
  • 328 flights departing daily from Brussels Airport
  • 10 flights departing daily to Frankfurt, 9to London and 12 to Madrid, the nearest big hubs.

Connection with the city center by traincarbus

Less than 15km from the city center (Grand Place), 20 minutes by taxi, 30 minutes by train

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Brussels South Charleroi Airport

  • 6 million passengers
  • It welcomes low-cost companies and proposes 100 destinations.
  • Airport is located at 45 minutes from Brussels city center.
  • Shuttles every 30 minutes from/to Brussels South Station.

Connection with city center by: carpublic transport (train and bus), shuttle bustaxis and car rental

60km from city center (Grand Place), 50 minutes by taxi, 2 hours by train and bus, 45 minutes by shuttle bus to Brussels Midi Station.

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Main attraction in Brussels and around:


Brussels is well-connected:

Public Transport

The main public transport in Brussels is organized by STIB.

The network includes metro lines, which connect the eastern and western districts of the city. Pre-metro lines (trams in the tunnels) complete the metro service. Many metro lines also have above ground bus and tram connections.

You can buy your ticket in various metro stations, in the STIB information offices and also in many newsagents.

Timetable: 6 a.m. – midnight (consult the timetables shown at the stops).


Three elements make up the price of a taxi ride:

  • the price per km (1,8 € or 2,70 € depending on whether the journey is inside or outside the 19 districts of Brussels)
  • fixed charge: 2,40 € (4,40 € at night)
  • the waiting time: 30,00 € per hour; certain companies charge reduced fares for journeys to the airport.

Tips and service are included in the price of the journey as shown on the meter, but a small extra tip is always well-received. For all complaints, first note the registration number of the taxi, its brand and colour.

Contact: CCN – Service régional des Taxis et Limousines
Rue du Progrès 80 bte 1 • 1030 Brussels
Phone Number: 0800/94 001

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Bike Renting

If you would like to explore Brussels and exercise at the same time, there are 3 different ways you can choose from:

Pro Velo
Phone Number: +32 (0)2 502 73 55

Rent a bike everywhere in the city!

Ride with Billy
Shared electric bikes you can pick up and drop off anywhere in Brussels. No docking stations. Your smartphone is the key.

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The Waterbus is a fun and alternative way to commute along Brussels. It’s a public transportation on the canal, which allows you to commute between Brussels, to Van Praet and Vilvoorde, an area experiencing a huge transformation. It navigates from May 1st till October 31.

The Waterbus is an extension of the public transport, because there is a seamless connection between the canal shuttle stops and bus, tram and subway stop, which makes existing and new tourist attractions, shopping and residential zones, shopping malls and business centres.

Your bikes will be also welcome on board.

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Tourism Info Desk

For any kind of information regarding the city of Brussels, you can always contact the tourism info desk and convention bureau of Brussels, visit.brussels.

Phone Number

+ 32 (0)2 513 89 40


2-4 rue Royale I 1000 Brussels