The congress is endorsed by the following learning societies or foundations.

Established in 1966, The Transplantation Society (TTS) serves as the principal international forum for the advancement and development of both the science and clinical practice of transplantation throughout the world. Its mandate is fulfilled through scientific communication, continuing education of its membership and guidance on the ethical practice of transplantation. The Transplantation Society is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in official relations with the World Health Organization, and is composed of over 6500 professionals including but not limited to, physicians, surgeons, scientists and allied health professionals in 105 countries. TTS is one of two parent organizations of the Declaration of Istanbul, the other being the International Society of Nephrology. In addition, TTS has nine Sections specializing in solid organ and cell transplantation, including VCA. TTS also partners with 35 national and regional transplant societies from around the world.

TTS is delighted to endorse the 5th International LDLT meeting in Brussels in October 2021 in support of living liver donor transplant for altruistic, non-directed living unrelated transplants. TTS does not support commercial transplants.

The Korean Cultural Center to Belgium & European Union (KCC) is an affiliated organization of the Ministry of Cultures, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea. It serves as a communication bridge to promote Korea overseas, to shed light on international cultural exchanges, and to bring that news back to the Korean audience. Among the 32 Korean cultural centers in 27 countries all around the world, there are nine centers in Europe, in U.K., France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Poland, Belgium E.U., Hungary, and very recently in Italy.

The KCC aims at promoting its culture and language to Belgium, Luxembourg, and to E.U. Since its opening on 26th Nov. 2013, the KCC organizes various exhibitions, film screenings, classical & contemporary music concerts, performances, festivals, cultural workshops, conferences, classes for Korean language, cuisine, and other cultural experiences, etc. The KCC is located in the heart of Brussels which is the heart of Europe, near Grand Sablon next to the Royal Museums, Royal Conservatorium, and Fine art center of BOZAR.